Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Self-Defense Is Not a Crime: Lawyers Intervene

A murder charge is a serious accusation and you don’t want to have it hanging over your head. Unfortunately, cases that involve one or more deaths tend to balance on the knife-edge as prosecution and defense go up against each other. Often, the key is in the lawyer. A suspect for murder can easily create a defense using Florida’s self-defense laws. As stated by Florida Statute Title 46 Chapter 776, also known as the self-defense law, people who believe their lives are in grave danger from another party can use lethal force and are not obliged to retreat.

 A defendant may attest that he or she felt “threatened” by the victim. Considering that many seemingly regular situations could quickly escalate into deadly ones, you may end up having to shoot first. If you find yourself in such a dispute and are later charged with a major offense, consult a Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer like Attorney Richard Della Fera.

An expert defense attorney can look at inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case and use them to your advantage. He or she can give you a realistic assessment of the situation. A reputable Ft. Lauderdale criminal lawyer also ensures that you are treated with dignity and respect. If you get convicted, he or she will appeal the conviction, if the facts warrant.

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