Monday, March 23, 2015

Sex Crime Accusations: Get a Lawyer’s Help

It can be hard to be accused of a sex crime. Florida’s laws include sex with a juvenile under the offense of ‘sexual battery’, and is punished as a felony. The level of the felony determines which defenses and penalties apply to the crime.

Sexual battery is a crime that occurs when a defendant intentionally commits any of the prohibited sexual activities included in the state's sex laws. In Florida, an adult who commits sexual battery and injures the sexual organs of someone younger than 12 years old is guilty of a capital felony. Penalties include fines and life in prison; that is, offenders are required to serve at least 25 years in prison before becoming eligible for parole. Penalties vary depending on the ages of the victims. When the offender at the time of the crime was under the age of 18, the crime will be considered a life felony, punishable by a fine and jail time (not to exceed 40 years in prison).

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Accused of Theft? Get Help from a Trusted Fort Lauderdale Attorney

An article by The Sun Sentinel states, “The deception culminated in Haas withdrawing his life savings — first $40,000, then $90,000 and finally $150,000 — to help Gina Stevens pay off a lien on a property in Chicago. She promised to repay him by selling the property.” Gina Stevens is set to testify against Matthew Stevens after pleading no contest to similar charges. In his defense, Matthew Stevens claims that he was unaware of Gina Stevens’ dealings with Haas. The defense states that although Haas is elderly, he has shown no signs of dementia or senility, and what happened between Stevens and Haas can still constitute as a consensual agreement between two adults rather than a case of grand theft and fraud.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Criminal Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale Wins Appeal to Reduce Sentence

the intent to distribute cocaine, and two counts of aiding and abetting possession with the intent to distribute cocaine. Allegedly, nine baggage handlers at the Cyril E. King International Airport on the island of St. Thomas facilitated the distribution of nearly 100 kilograms of cocaine to the mainland of the United States. Supposedly, Dorival was found to be the lead facilitator within the conspiracy. He allegedly received numerous kilograms of cocaine from a Maleek Sylvester and directed the other baggage handlers in the smuggling of suitcases containing cocaine. Legitimate flight tags were then obtained from previously checked baggage and affixed to the suitcases containing cocaine. The court found that Dorival, as the lead baggage handler, was ultimately responsible for bringing the suitcases through the airport and onboard an airplane.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Common Criminal Case Defenses an Attorney Might Make

In a criminal case, it’s your right to defend yourself especially if you are being falsely charged. Your criminal defense attorney might use one of these common defenses to help you establish your innocence or reduce your sentence. 

            1.       You Have an Ironclad Alibi

If you weren’t anywhere near the scene of the crime when it happened, then you have a very strong defense. Your lawyer will present evidence to prove that you were in fact somewhere else at the time of the crime through a witnesses’ testimony and other information. 

            2.      Under the Influence

If you were responsible for the crime but you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then your attorney can argue that you were not of sound mind when you committed the crime. This does not, however, absolve you of all the blame. You are still held accountable to some degree. 

            3.      It Was Self-Defense

Violence charges like battery, assault and murder might use self-defense as a justified reason for the use of force that led to the crime. It must be proven in court that resorting to a violent means is reasonable and necessary. 

Still, you can only use these defenses when it suits your particular case. Only a criminal defense attorney can help you determine the best defense to use.

Friday, March 13, 2015

A Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney Can Appeal for Lower Bail

In the city of Fort Lauderdale (and ideally, any other city in this country), a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. The concept of bail revolves around this ideology. Bail refers to the temporary release of a criminal defendant in exchange for a sum of money deemed proper by the court. This mechanism ensures that those who are truly innocent will not experience imprisonment and those accused will have more time and freedom to prepare for the case with a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney. It is a system that serves to guarantee that the criminal defendant released from jail will return for his or her impending trial, while the court holds their money as collateral.