Thursday, March 19, 2015

Accused of Theft? Get Help from a Trusted Fort Lauderdale Attorney

An article by The Sun Sentinel states, “The deception culminated in Haas withdrawing his life savings — first $40,000, then $90,000 and finally $150,000 — to help Gina Stevens pay off a lien on a property in Chicago. She promised to repay him by selling the property.” Gina Stevens is set to testify against Matthew Stevens after pleading no contest to similar charges. In his defense, Matthew Stevens claims that he was unaware of Gina Stevens’ dealings with Haas. The defense states that although Haas is elderly, he has shown no signs of dementia or senility, and what happened between Stevens and Haas can still constitute as a consensual agreement between two adults rather than a case of grand theft and fraud.

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