Monday, March 16, 2015

Common Criminal Case Defenses an Attorney Might Make

In a criminal case, it’s your right to defend yourself especially if you are being falsely charged. Your criminal defense attorney might use one of these common defenses to help you establish your innocence or reduce your sentence. 

            1.       You Have an Ironclad Alibi

If you weren’t anywhere near the scene of the crime when it happened, then you have a very strong defense. Your lawyer will present evidence to prove that you were in fact somewhere else at the time of the crime through a witnesses’ testimony and other information. 

            2.      Under the Influence

If you were responsible for the crime but you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then your attorney can argue that you were not of sound mind when you committed the crime. This does not, however, absolve you of all the blame. You are still held accountable to some degree. 

            3.      It Was Self-Defense

Violence charges like battery, assault and murder might use self-defense as a justified reason for the use of force that led to the crime. It must be proven in court that resorting to a violent means is reasonable and necessary. 

Still, you can only use these defenses when it suits your particular case. Only a criminal defense attorney can help you determine the best defense to use.

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