Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Criminal Lawyer Can Help Fight Theft Accusations

Stealing has different levels. Taking a large amount of money or a valuable item from someone else could constitute grand theft. Grand theft is a serious criminal act that commonly results to felony charges, which is why contacting a seasoned Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer is usually recommended for such cases. Grand theft or larceny can be categorized into different degrees, all depending on the severity of the crime and the amount that was stolen. The amount differs for every state, but for Fort Lauderdale, Florida, grand theft in the 3rd degree ranges between $300 to $20,000, while 2nd degree involves stolen property valued between $20,000 and $100,000. Lastly, 1st degree thefts cover stolen property valued above $100,000.

It’s the prosecutor’s duty to establish the accused’s intention; if they fail to prove that the defendant has no criminal intent, then they have no case. There are a number of ways to disprove accusations of theft. Some of the more commonly used defenses, for example, include having a valid claim or ownership of the property, involuntary intoxication, and consent from the property owner.

Grand theft and fraud are serious charges that could lead to grave legal consequences. Hiring a reliable criminal lawyer from Fort Lauderdale could provide the accused with the legal representation they need.

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