Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Slamming an Invasion of Privacy

Advances in technology have allowed improvements to your quality of life. On the contrary though, it may lead to devices that impinge upon your constitutional right to privacy, such as deployment of the StingRay cellphone triangulation system. You must have an experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney in your corner.
In legal terms, invasion of privacy is the intrusion into the personal life of another without just cause. In the case of the surveillance tool StingRay, if it used without the sanction by law enforcement, then whoever is using it can be charged with an invasion of privacy offense.
 The case of the use of StingRay certainly raises concerns regarding privacy. While it is helpful for catching criminals, there certainly must be limitations to its use and the practice must be transparent. Getting a warrant should be included in any guidelines that the government will issue regarding the StingRay.
While the use of the surveillance tool above is an extreme or rare case, there are other ways by which invasion of privacy can happen, and these are:
1. Intrusion into one’s private affairs.
2. Public disclosure of private information.
3. Publicity which shows a person in false light.
4. Appropriation of a person’s name or photo for personal or commercial advantage.

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