Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I Am Under Investigation, What Do I Do?

Anyone that finds out they are under investigation must start taking steps to protect themselves and their future. While some investigations fizzle out on their own, others will lead to a criminal trial with the potential for lifelong penalties. Read ahead for a look at some tips that will help you get through a criminal investigation as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Don't Speak With the Investigators
Many investigators will contact the individual that they are investigating because they are trying to make a bad case better. They might ask harmless questions or request to search through your home, but contact should be avoided at all costs. The information collected in the early stages of an investigation can often make or break a trial.

Contact an Attorney
From the moment that you realize you are being investigated, you must immediately contact an attorney. Once you have contacted an attorney, they will tell you exactly how and when you should speak with the police. Trying to settle these problems on your own can be a serious mistake.

Don't Share Your Case With Anyone
You should never talk about your case with absolutely anyone but your attorney. This is especially important in criminal cases where the prosecutor or government agency will go to great lengths to get incriminating evidence. Making comments on social media pages or chatting with a coworker about your case could result in a conviction.

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