Thursday, December 24, 2015

What Not to Do when You Get Arrested

Getting arrested is highly stressful situation, and it is not surprising to find yourself unable to think clearly. However, there are several things you should not do if you’d like to avoid getting in deeper legal trouble.

Do Not Talk To the Officer

Don’t even try to convince your arresting officer of your innocence. Take advantage of your right to remain silent; in such a tense situation, you run a great risk of incriminating yourself by talking too much. Leave the talking to your criminal attorney.

Do Not Resist Arrest

Never try to run or fight with a police officer, not even to swat their hands way. Hitting an officer no matter how slight can be over-reported so it now becomes a felony. Additionally, trying to escape while being arrested is taken as a sign of guilt, and this can hurt your situation more.

Don’t Believe the Arresting Police Officer

You might be surprised to learn that it’s legal for police to lie in order to get you to admit your guilt. They are trained in something called the Reid Technique where they pretend to have witnesses, DNA, and other evidence in order to trick you into admission. Take everything they say with a heavy dose of salt.

Florida law still guarantees your constitutional rights even if you get arrested. Never forget that you retain your right to call a criminal attorney to assist you no matter your charge. Do so as soon as possible to ensure that your rights don’t get violated in any step of the process.

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