Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Standing Firm against Shoplifting Charges

Picture yourself visiting the nearby mall and simply go around checking out all the shops. However, after leaving one store, mall security or store personnel suddenly flag you down and claim you took some merchandise. Any person will see that it is humiliating to be accused of shoplifting – even celebrities like Forest Whitaker found it out the hard way. If you ever find yourself accused of shoplifting, an experienced criminal defense attorney is ready to protect you.

Probable Cause
Establishing probable cause is one of the defining elements in a shoplifting case. For the case to supposedly stick, the store personnel must actually see you holding the item and make for the exit without paying. You can also take note of them threatening to call the police if you’re caught. Be aware that some retailers or malls have no right to keep you in a small room, but may keep tabs on you to prevent you from leaving the property.

Keep quiet until your lawyer arrives. If the authorities claim that there were witnesses who supposedly saw you pocket an item, you or your lawyer can question their suitability for probable cause. You may request to be shown the evidence. However, at all times, remember that the best thing you can do is cooperate. Doing otherwise will only incriminate you further.

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