Friday, September 5, 2014

3 Ways a DUI Charge Will Impact Your Life

Drinking alcohol before or while driving is illegal not just in the United States but in almost all countries. If you get pulled over by an officer and are discovered to have been driving under the influence, you can be arrested and charged with DUI. As simple as it may sound, a DUI charge can spell disaster in your relationships and career.


A DUI charge can cause you to lose your job, depending on the policy your employer implements. Once you start looking for a new job after your termination, your record may affect your odds of getting employed. In case you did not get fired despite your DUI charge, the days you spent in jail or to attend court trials will surely affect your productivity and, therefore, your income.


Drunk driving is viewed by many people as an irresponsible deed. The trust of the people around you, including your family and friends, can be affected by your DUI arrest or conviction. They probably won’t be as comfortable letting you behind the wheel, especially when they or other loved ones are going to be the passengers. They may also deem it as a reflection of you having a bigger problem with alcohol than you would care to admit.

License Revocation

You’ve worked so hard to earn a driver’s license and all of a sudden it’s revoked. That should alarm you especially if your job or business requires traveling. This sudden event can drastically change your practices and lifestyle. 

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