Monday, September 22, 2014

Insurance Defense: Tricky Without a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer

Simple details like these make insurance claims in the Sunshine State, and everywhere else for that matter, a bit complicated, if not interesting to watch. At any rate, insurers and their insured who find themselves at the receiving end of a lawsuit would do dwell to work with a respected Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer—such as Richard F. Della Fera, for instance—who is highly experienced in civil and insurance defense. The latter field is quite broad, seeing that it covers homeowners insurance, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, and auto accidents just to name a few. Insurance defense essentially aims to protect insurers from false insurance claims by transferring the liability to another party (a.k.a. indemnification). Proper legal representation is important, considering that the state’s insurance laws can change in favor of the policyholder, thereby making insurance companies more vulnerable to unfair insurance claims.

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