Monday, September 7, 2015

Know Your Rights!

A criminal attorney in a popular action series’ recent season underlined that an accused must have the same rights to privacy and self-incrimination as everyone else because they may be lost “sooner or later.” Though the character is fictional, his words have real-life applications. As a private citizen in need of representation, know that you are covered by various rights that allow you to build your defense and make your case.

When police officers in Florida are making an arrest, they are required to identify themselves to the person in question, then inform him properly that he is about to be taken into custody due to specific reasons or accusations. This procedure may not happen in all cases, though, for some circumstances like violent standoffs and highway pursuits, leave officers no choice but to arrest the offender immediately. 

Under Florida’s laws, a local officer may only conduct a minor “frisk” or quick inspection of your clothing to see if you are carrying any illegal weapons, and will not hold you for longer. Unless the officer has sufficient or justifiable proof of your involvement in a crime, you also have the right not to answer any questions nor provide your name in case of an attempt to hold you for an interrogation.

If you do get arrested, however, having the right to an attorney should be used to your benefit, particularly if you are involved in more serious criminal charges like assault, robbery, and murder.

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