Monday, September 7, 2015

Local Lawyers Can Help Deal with Robbery Charges

Robbery is a serious crime. If you’re facing robbery charges, a little know-how can help a lot. Federal robbery charges may range from serious incidents like bank robberies to something less severe but no less a misdemeanor, such as a college student threatening another to give him his or her money. Two factors distinguish robbery from two other similar felonies─ theft and burglary─ and a prosecutor will have to prove them against a criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale.

First is that the victim who owns or handles the property needs to have been nearby during the incident. This includes stealing a wallet from a stranger walking down the street or locking a store clerk outside to steal money from the cash register.

Another factor to be proven is the defendant’s use of any physical force or violence, even not explicitly, to threaten the victim to give up the property. With the examples cited above, the offender applies force when he yanks the wallet from the stranger’s hands in the same way a robber keeps the store clerk locked up in another room to raid the register.

Being falsely accused of federal robbery, regardless if it was a first degree offense, requires the accused to hire a seasoned attorney. Lawyers do their best to fully represent your case in court knowing how stressful and intimidating it is to be arrested for a violation you didn’t commit. Trust them to defend you and you can look forward to a new beginning.

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